[P2V] – Windows Server 2008 Blue Screen 0x0000007b

Issue : Windows Server 2008 Blue Screen with error code : 0x0000007b

Resolution :

Basically, this issue cause of your SCSI Controller, In the physical machine, normally the SCSI Controller only start/active on the boot is for the physical like “MegaRAID” but when moving to the VMware the SCSI driver installed but not active on the boot like “LSI_FC, LSI_SAS, vmscsi and etc”.

So on this issue you may need use the Windows Server 2008 CD to boot-up for repairing. The VMware had 3 type of SCSI Controller which “BusLogic, LSI Parallel and LSI SAS”, So it was depending on your settings.

How to perform the step:-

1. Boot-up your VMs with Windows Server 2008 CD.
2. Choose Repair Your System
3. Choose Command Prompt
4. type : $regedit
6. Click on File –> Load Hive
7. Choose your regedit location : (c:\windows\system32\config\SYSTEM ) (make sure correct location)
8. Name it as “p2v”
9. Then Expand your “p2v”
10. Expand ControlSet001 –> Services –> LSI_SAS
11. Change LSI_SAS (Start) Property to (0)
12. Change LSI_SAS2 (Start) Property to (0)

p/s: It’s could be LSI_SAS, LSI_FC, atiide, megasas, vmscsi, mptsas but depend on the drivers load.


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